Blog 12

Upcycle | How We Made Our Pallet Bed

It’s not an easy task to settle in a new home while you are on A Year Without Shopping challenge.  However, as my situation has proved, everything is possible if you really want it! A lot of rejected furniture got a second chance at my home such like dining table and chairs, TV stand. We…

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Eco Kitchen | Foraging Elderflowers and Drying for Tea

Eco Kitchen | The True Cost of Your Tea Cup

Tea is humanity’s oldest flavoured beverage and remains most popular, especially during the cold season. But have you ever thought about the true cost of your tea cup? And is it really healthy? Arbata yra vienas seniausių žmonijos gėrimų, kurio populiarumas nei kiek nemažėja, ypač šaltėjant orams. Tačiau ar kada nors susimąstėte, kokia tikroji jūsų arbatos…

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La Pepa Blog

My Year Without Shopping | August Update

“The tan will fade but the memories will last forever…” August has been such an amazing month! With Melita at home off from school and our holiday in Italy at my parents, we had made the most magical family memories! Rugpjūtis buvo vienas nuostabiausių metų mėnesių! Džiaugiausi dukrytės buvimu namuose be skubėjimo rytais į mokyklą ir dviejų savaičių atotsogomis Italijoje,…

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