minimal and sustainable wardrobe

Minimal and Sustainable Wardrobe

In a global marketplace that wants you to consume more and more, minimalism invites you to think about intentionally having less. Less debt, less clutter, less stress, less stuff! Let’s start with our wardrobes. The common issue is – a full wardrobe of cheap clothes but “nothing to wear”. About 5 years ago I offloaded…

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2019 Challenge | Simplify & Green Up Your Life

The more simple we are the more complete we become – I realised this during My Year Without Shopping Challenge. I received a lot of messages that people would like to simplify their life, to declutter, minimise and start earth-friendlier lifestyle but don’t know where and how to start. So I came up with Simplify &…

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My Years Without Shopping | December Update

December is over and it means – My Year Without Shopping is finished. What an amazing experience it was! I will talk more about what I actually gained from this challenge in a summary post later, but today let’s focus on December, my last month without shopping. Gruodžio pabaiga reiškia ir Metai be Apsipirkinėjimo iššūkio pabaigą.…

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