sustainable fashion

Your 7-Step Guide to a Sustainable Wardrobe

Did you know that the fashion industry is ranked as a major source of pollution in the world, right up there with oil and agriculture?  Sustainable fashion also called eco fashion, is a part of the growing design philosophy and trend of sustainability, the goal of which is to create a system which can be supported indefinitely in…

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Outdoors time Wild&Muddy adventure

Wild & Muddy Adventure

‘Something else was different when we were young: our parents were outdoors. I’m not saying they were joining health clubs and things of that sort, but they were out of the house, out on the porch, talking to neighboors. As far as physical fitness goes, today’s kids are the sorriest generation in the history. Their parents…

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perilla alpaca bed socks

Eco Style | Perilla Alpaca Socks

How to survive cold days? With snuggly alpaca wool socks! Alpaca is incredibly lightweight and warm. Second only to silk for strength, alpaca is comparable to the luxurious softness of cashmere yet more durable and far more hard wearing than both. On top of that, alpaca fibre is eco-friendly. It does not contain the allergen lanolin like…

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Alluvian Natural Deodorant review

Review | Plastic free, Natural deodorant for Him

Knowing that many of the chemicals found in deodorants are toxic carcinogens and may cause major health problems made me look for alternatives. I already blogged about natural deodorants for women, such as Hippy Paste and Salt of the Earth. When the founder of Alluvian, John Cowan contacted me about trying out his products  I happily agreed, as my…

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eco friendly kids party

How to throw an Eco Friendly kids’ birthday party

Every birthday party is an exciting occasion for your child – mine was counting days! Is it difficult to throw an eco-friendly but fun party? No, it’s not. The principles behind eco-parties are the same as those that underpin all green living—we want as much as possible to be simple, sustainable, local and eco-friendly. Here…

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