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To be BUSY and to HAVE has become a status symbol in our modern world as it indicates having a full life. We are constantly attacked by marketing messages inviting us to consume more and more and trying to find happiness in this busy world can seem like an unachievable task.

But have you ever wondered if life was happier when it was simpler? I did. So I started simplifying our family life and reducing our environmental footprint and it has been such a freeing, clarity-finding experience so far! My name is Egle and I have created a blog to share my experience and inspiration with you.

La Pepa Boutique is all about slow, earth-friendly family life and sustainable travelling. I embraced the philosophy to be rather than to have and now choose quality over quantity. In 2018 I took My Year Without Shopping challenge and the main purpose of it was to encourage people to rethink their shopping habits and invest in experiences rather than things. I received so much attention and positive feedback that this year I decided to do an interactive challenge and invited my readers to Simplify and Green Up their lives, because

The more simple we are the more complete we become.

If you feel that life is too hectic and simply overwhelming and if you are hungry for a simpler, slower and more environmentally friendly life, I hope my blog will inspire you to make a positive change.

View daily updates from our family life and discover more about living an Earth-friendly and slower lifestyle on Instagram, @Green_Pepa.

Why La Pepa Boutique?

I was always interested in ecology and enjoyed studying environmental studies for my master’s degree. However, I was immersed in ecology only after my daughter was born.

Together with my daughter, a small business of natural, handmade creations was born. Small things become great when done with love! Simple baby products evolved into a wide range of natural, eco-friendly, Zero Waste products for all families.

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