Blog 6

DIY Nature Paint Brushes For Kids

This is a ridiculously cool project for kids that adults would want to try! Making your own nature paint brushes is creative, fun and free! It allows turning a simple drawing into the absolutely new experience. Kids will be excited to spend time in nature, trying to find and collect natural materials for the project. Also, it…

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Blog 7

Reduce Plastic Waste in 5 Easy Steps

Plastic is everywhere these days. Just think about your day so far. You probably woke up and reached a plastic tube of toothpaste, brushed your teeth with a plastic toothbrush wrapped your lunch in a plastic bag, packed a plastic water bottle and then walked out the door for work. This is all before your…

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Blog 8

Soap Bar vs Liquid Soap

A soap bar or liquid soaps? A soap, is a soap, you might say, however, you are wrong. The soap bar is green simplicity.  Why? Here are the reasons. Skystas muilas ar kietas muilas? Muilas yra muilas, pasakytume, tačiau tai netiesa. Paprastas, kietas muilas yra ekologiškas minimalizmas. Kodėl? Štai kodėl. ENERGY First of all, it requires…

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Blog 9

30 FREE & WILD Outdoors Activities

Today more children play indoors more often than out. The distance our kids stray from home on their own has shrunk by 90% since the 70s; 43% of adults think a child shouldn’t play outdoors unsupervised until the age of 14. More children are now admitted to hospitals for injuries incurred falling out of bed…

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Blog 10

Zero Waste Natural Handmade Face scrubbies

Lately, I’ve been very busy working on La Pepa Eco Chic line, which is dedicated to all natural and organic products, safe for you and environment. I am very excited to launch it today! Why Eco Chic? I believe we all can live a modern Eco lifestyle without compromising on style and beauty. I have created…

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Blog 11

Upcycle | My Old New Table

Reuse – one from the Eco life rules. This includes conventional reuse where the item is used again for the same function and creative reuse where it is used for a different function. Reusing things around you may save a lot of money. I bought this old table and chairs from a second hand, very…

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