Kids crafts

Creative Parenting | Crafting fun with Trunkaroo Growing Seeds Box

Trunkaroo was started because founder Sarah believes that children learn a great deal by playing, creating, asking questions, exploring new ideas and most of all, enjoying themselves! And who could disagree? Fostering creativity in my daughter is important not for increasing her chances of becoming the next Picasso, I strongly believe that it helps her to develop mentally,…

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InLight Chocolate mask review

Review | InLight Beauty Chocolate Mask

Who doesn’t like chocolate?  And the good news is good quality dark chocolate can have significant beauty benefits. If chocolate is your weakness, indulging yourself with this InLight Beauty face mask is a must! Kam nepatinka šokoladas? O gera žinia yra ta, kad geros kokybės juodas šokoladas pasižymi ne tik skoniu, bet ir naudingomis sąvybėmis jūsų grožiui. Tad jeigu šokoladas jūsų…

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