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Set of 2 (Small or Large) Natural Loofah Pads

These pads are made using Natural Loofah plant and 100% organic undyed Hemp yarn for hand crochet edging. They are completely Zero Waste and can be composted at the end of their life therefore, it’s a great alternative to plastic sponges.

These Loofah Pads are multipurpose and can be used for:

Skincare | It may look abrasive when it’s dry but after immersing it in water the pad becomes soft. It can be used for face and body as an exfoliator to revive tired skin, remove dead skin and boosting circulation to renew your skin.

Cleaning | These can be used as cleaning sponges and for washing dishes.

Size | Small pads approx 9 cm
Large pads approx 12 cm

Please note the size and colour of each loofah may vary as it is a natural plant.


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