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This thermal pad provides effective and Fast Colic relief! Special heating pads of cherry pits for babies designed to relieve baby colic, pain and other discomfort and can be used from the early days. These little sachets work wonders because just a little heat helps to relax and soothe their aching tummy as increases blood flow. Also, the heat provides a sense of comfort and can give great pleasure to a baby even without colic.

The sachet made using brushed cotton for extra comfort and can be used as hot compress (after heated in a microwave or oven) or cold compress (after cooled in a freezer).

USE WARM COMPRESS for relief from colic, gas, ear-infections or for soothing baby massage.
USE COLD COMPRESSES after vaccinations, to ease the pain and soothe the inflammation, bumps, or insect bites.

GREAT FOR MOMS TOO! Use warm compress immediately before breastfeeding to help milk let-down or for relief from clogged milk ducts and mastitis. And cold compress will help relieve engorgement and sore nipples.

WARM COMPRESS | Be careful and test the pillow temperature on yourself first. Do not place directly onto the skin, always use a protective layer of clothing or blanket. Make sure clothing doesn’t contain metal which can become too hot.

HEATING IN THE MICROWAVE | Heat for 10-30 seconds at 600w, repeat if necessary.
HEATING IN THE OVEN | Preheat the oven to 150 degree Celsius and TURN OFF. Put a sachet in the oven and let heat for 10 min. DON’T put the pillow in an oven while the oven is on.

COLD COMPRESS | As a cold compress, leave to cool in the freezer until the desired temperature is reached.

Size | 10x11cm

1 review for Eco Baby | Thermal Colic Relief Pad | Cherry Pit Heating Pad

  1. Manuela Lazarova

    Very nice package, lovely little pillow and so so easy for use! I highly recommend it! 💙

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